Sunday, October 22, 2017



As a shining light
to dispel the dark,
a cool shower
to rid of heat
and a cosy home
to give shelter.

As clean food
to provide strength,
a good medicine
to relieve pain
and a strong staff
to support the weak.

As a caring mother
who gives love,
a wise teacher
who imparts knowledge
and a close friend
in whom to confide.

As a clear road
to follow its way,
a safe island
to seek shelter
and a destination
to arrive at.
It is like everything
that is helpful.
It has its worth
if only you know.
It has its use
if only you make use of.
It has everything
if only you want.

the source of joy,
peace and light.
It is the guide to
harmony of
Head and Heart.

Moe Hein
Poems On The Three Gems

(From Harmony Of Head And Heart)

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