Saturday, October 21, 2017

My Lord


to you my Lord
I clasp my hands
and bow my head
in reverence
with all devotion.

your renunciation
of a primrose life
so majestic so abundant
which you forsook
in search of truth.

Then a recluse
with efforts unmatchable
sacrifices unimaginable
a will so indomitable
that none could shake
your firm resolve.

And attainment
of the supreme bliss
seeing the noble truth
treading the noble path
and being enlightened
all on your own.

Sufferings ended.
Life-cycles stopped
as you have reached
the shores of Nirvana.

first sermon ''Avoid extremes''
to last words ''Be watchful''
you have taught Dhamma
with a boundless love
and a selfless service.

Countless beings
fully rejoice
and are liberated.

though you have left
the torch you lit
the path you trod
still remain
as they were
as they are and
as they shall ever be
Most Noble Lord.

Moe Hein
Poems On The Three Gems

(From Harmony Of Head And Heart)

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