Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Lotus


In the heat
in the cold
out he goes
with an alms-bowl
making his rounds.

in a saffron robe
gives blessings
and love profound.

No more a layman
he cuts all cords to
status, wealth and family.
A ''Beikkhu'' he is
on a moral path
liberation his destiny.

With 'sila' he purifies deeds
with 'samadhi' he calms the mind
with 'panna' he enlightens himself
a righteous life he leads.

Be he in forest
be he on mountain
be he at any place.

In solitude or in company
he truly is a solace.

In him
there glows light
From him
there flows love.

Noble one!
I lay my head on your feet
A lotus above water.

Moe Hein
Poems On The Three Gems

(From Harmony Of Head And Heart)

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