Monday, December 3, 2012

OBLIVION (Harmony Of Head And Heart By Moe Hein)

You think you see me
but you don't really.

At the time
when you don't see me
you do really,
all good and bad in true perspective.

It's like viewing a mountain
at close range and afar.
Differing in dimensions.

Perhaps, our heads couldn't meet
and our hearts didn't reach.
Anyhow, nothing can be done now
as we are to part.

But memories will blip on the head's screen
and feelings will beat on the heart's drum.

Don't be moved as they are
but shadows of the past.
They'll fade away into oblivion
from life's horizon, which itself
is a mirage, yes, a mirage. 

(From Poems On Life)


  1. moe hein,
    where did u get all these insightful poems? u write by yourself? i like them very much

    1. Are you not a Burmese?
      The late Moe Hein was a famous Burmese (Myanmar) poet and writer who wrote many poems and articles in Burmese and in English.
      This poem is from the book of "Harmony Of Head And Heart" that was written in English. All contents in this book are related to Life, Death, Philosophy and Dhamma (Way of Living). You can read all the poems I posted so far in this site by clicking the tag named 'Moe Hein' under the post.

      with thanks,