Wednesday, November 21, 2012

STATE OF MIND (Harmony Of Head And Heart By Moe Hein)


A and B
both thirsty
come upon a glass.

"Hey," shouts A, "It's half-full!"
"Huh," snorts B "It's half-empty!"
Who will quench his thirst?

For the needy every drop is a tonic and
what seems half-full is but an all-full.
For the fussy even an ocean is a pool and
what seems half-empty is but all-empty.

It matters not half or full.
It matters to accept what is given most. 

So take it or leave it
and become a ' have '  or a ' have-not '.
What is required and what is desired
cannot always be the same.
Be content.

(From Poems On Life) 

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