Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Plea To Head And Heart (Harmony Of Head And Heart By Moe Hein)


Dear Head,
show me not the way to amass wealth
for it may drown me in a sea of greed.
Nor the way to harness power
for it can sow the destruction seed.
And not the way leading to fame
for it can inflate and deflate me again.
But show me how the wise
think right, speak right and do right.
The path they never lose from their sight
and win over passion with reason.

Dear Heart,
give me the guts to face life
and the strength to endure hardship.
So that I be placid in a storm
as the brave strive to survive.
And if I reach the shores of happiness
with a chance to hoist the flag of success,
let me be humble not arrogant
and know that everything is transient.

(From Poems On Head And Heart)

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