Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mind Mountain (Harmony Of Head And Heart By Moe Hein)


There is a mountain
called a 'Mind-mountain',

which is the highest

and hardest to climb.

It is a mountain, beautiful

and no less deceitful.

Many a mountaineer

aims for the peak.

Except for a few

the rest can't reach.

Every inch is a challenge

for the weak and waverer.

But every inch is a reward

for the strong and sturdier.

Like 'Everest', it has

pitfalls, storms and winds.

But here as perils of

greed, anger and illusion.

A good thought

is a right step.

Pushing you up, up

up to the pinnacle.

A bad thought

is a wrong step.

Dragging you down, down

down to the debacle

Up or down

is your own making.

Which comes from

your thinking.

Dear mountaineer,

where are you now?

At the top,

on the midway ridge


at the bottom?

(From Poems On Life)

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