Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Head And Heart (Harmony Of Head And Heart By Moe Hein)


On reading this poetry book "Harmony of Head and Heart", you might wonder who this author is. In fact, the author who scribbled the lines never is a poet nor does he imagine to become one. Then what made him do the work? 'Inspiration' is the answer.

Somewhere around May 1992, the author came across a book titled "Voices from the Heart". It was written by Venerable Sujiva, a Buddhist monk and meditation instructor, residing in Santisukharama, a Buddhist hermitage in Johor, West Malaysia. One copy of the book was presented to this author by U Kyaw Lin, Manager of Myanmar Airways, on the latter's return from Singapore. A token of affection from someone intimate turned out to be a priceless treasure.

After repeatedly reading "Voices from the Heart", a book of inspirational poems, the author felt Venerable Sujiva beckoning to him to follow suit. Thoughts and feelings long stored in the head and heart of the author trickled down the nib. What started from an inspiration led to a dedication. Fortunately, the author received kind guidance from Khin Zaw Wun, a writer who is composing poems on Buddhist thought himself.

The author wishes to express his deep gratitude to Venerable Sujiva whose work gave the impetus. Loving thanks go to his friend U Kyaw Lin for his gift and much indebtedness to U Khin Zaw for editing the poems. May all beings achieve harmony of head and heart.

Moe Hein



Look at the candle!
The wick shortens, the wax melts
but the flame keeps burning.
Wick and wax burn together
as sacrifice to give us light
and the dark to conquer.

Look at man!
His head is the wick
and his heart the wax.
For the head burns with thoughts
and the heart melts with feelings.
But is there harmony?

If wick and wax
can sacrifice to give light,
why can't man, the 'intelligent'
do likewise?

For harmony,
we have to bear loss and pain.
But like the candle,
surely, there is something to gain.

(From Poems On Head And Heart)

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