Monday, August 11, 2008

Five Ways Of Performing Dāna Part (3) By Venerable Shwe Oo Min Sayardaw (ဒါနျပဳနည္းသိေကာင္းစရာ အပို္င္း ၃)

Webhū Sayadaw always instructed us to maintain awareness at the nostril. If we can do that, the 84,000 Dhamma Khandhas, 84,000 Buddhas dwell at your nostril. All my devotees, you all are doing just that, aren’t you? Some may not be able to do that much, as they spend more time watching television. I would like to give you a record book. You must keep a record book to compare between the time spent in watching television and the time meditating, the time maintaining the application of ñāņa to your Khandha. We must keep account of that. Some keep account of purchase and sell, some do it daily, and some do it monthly. One must be good with your account records. The other day, some accountants came to pay me a visit. Have to tell them to keep account of their mindfulness too. If you drop some money in the market, you will trace back your route and search for that money. Very sad face, and return only after a long search. How valuable can it be? Couldn't be more than 9000, or 10,000 kyats the most. If you lose a million kyats that you have won from lottery, you would have combed the whole of Yangon to search for that money. If 100 millions, of course you would search just about everywhere. But you all are not searching the tens of trillions of Dhammas that you have been losing every day! A lot more than that. You all have been losing out tens of trillions of Dhammas at each step that you walk everyday. A lot more than that, don’t you think? You have been losing thousands of trillions everyday. What will you do for these losses? There are a lot of unmindful people, looking left, looking right, walking east and walking west, north and south. Think which is more, the number of people walking unmindfully or the number of people walking mindfully with Sati? Let’s not talk of others; let’s check on ourselves. See which is more, the hours you have walked mindfully and the hours you have walked unmindfully. Unmindful hours were more. How much more? Not so much yet, unmindful hours were only since we were born! If we keep an account book of that, we will find our great losses. So, what those Americans said was just an understatement. Let’s start the habit of keeping account starting by tonight, OK? Check how much tens of trillions we accumulated each day. People from Accountant General’s Office had done that. Sayagyi U Ba Khin and his staffs started the habit of meditation during lunch break. Have to put in effort that way. His staffs became exemplary people, U Ba Khin himself became well-known and well-respected meditation teacher in Burma, as well as to the world. We must work hard to accumulate those Kusala Dhammas that will raise the quality of our human life. Not only today, we must do it everyday.

(to be continued...)

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