Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Asking The Forgiveness From The Buddha For The Insultation To Ten Persons Who Should Not Be Insulted (ခင္ပြန္းၾကီး ဆယ္ပါး ကန္ေတာ့ခန္း)

Pilot Sayadaw, Ashin ZeyaPandita (Moenhyin Theingi Monastery)

The Sayadaw is famous for his scientific explanation about Buddha Dhamma and Kamma. Sayadaw became a monk after he has got the science degree from University.

This Dhamma Video is one of his renowned Dhamma Talk. This Dhamma Talk Ceremony was held at the square of Botahtaung Pagoda last year, 2007. The significant event happened in that ceremony is after the long-houred talk of Sayadaw, most of the audiences were crying for feeling guilty of themselves.

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